Social Responsability

To intervene in the distribution process with the awareness that which we involve directly or indirectly affects our well-being and have an important role to play in society in which we find ourselves, we seek within our competence to help those in need.Thus, with great satisfaction, we have supplied goods to the neediest...


Our Brands

We market internationally renowned brands, superior and unquestionable quality, which ensure the well-being in people as we ensure that only reliable products are placed within reach of our customers. We bet on quality and innovative products.


Work with us



GSK will produce world's first malaria vaccine

The British pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) hopes to begin marketing the vaccine in 2015, having been successful in reducing the number...

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An innovative partnership

In 2013 GSK started an ambitious long-term global partnership with Save the Children to help provide a lasting change for the most...

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